Wednesday, 26 August 2009

experimental animation from Cassie H on Vimeo.
first version of my experimental piece. let me know what works an what doesn't!

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Frank said...

Hi Cassie. Quite wonderful. My wife thinks it is amazing and she was poking me and saying, "Doesn't that just make you go, 'Wow!'"

I particularly like when the guitar comes in and you hit the hooks with the blue, red and green lights and the line morphs into the rotoscoped guitar player.

It would be great if some of the star shapes at the start of the animation hit the hooks as nicely as those red, blue and green blotches in the guitar part.

Occasionally the squiggly line appeared static as it was tweened vertically. Maybe it is a static graphic once it has been unmasked?
It would be nice if that was a bit more animated in time with the base beat - the squiggliness - by making it a graphic symbol and straight ahead animating some motion, perhaps waves, through it.

Nice work. I think I'll watch it again.